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Megabowl XII Rules & Info


Litzinger Special School

10094 Litzsinger Rd.

St. Louis, MO 63124

United States

Regular Season: 

5 minute halves 

Shooting Fouls are 1 for 2 

Shoot FT on an and one

Foul on three - first one for 2, second for 1 

Last minute: all fouls are 1 and 1’s, shoot all free throws 

OT - sudden death

Clock runs until last minute of game, then stops at all dead balls 



8 minute halves 

Clock stops at all dead balls

Shoot all free throws for shooting fouls 


Elam Ending:

Clock stops at 3:00 left in second half.  8 points is added to leading team's score making this the "target score."  Game will be determined based on that target score. 

Megabowl Dates:

August 12th - 6pm-9pm

August 13th - 10am - 9pm

Additional Info:

Team Price - $300

Includes 2 guests for each team member

Water and Gatorade Provided

Lunch and dinner provided on Saturday


Attendee Price - $10 if not on list


Winning Prize - Champion Shirts, Free Entry into Megabowl next year 

Let's Get Sweaty,

The Founders

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