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Blake is the creative director of the team and the reason we started DaGuys in the first place.  Going to College at the University of Arizona and then originally working in California, Blake returned home to St. Louis after COVID-19 hit. Once he joined with his lifelong friends, he decided it was time for us to put our ideas into motion. He started our Youtube channel, and the rest is history. Blake's main goal is to help everyone pursue their dreams, and works to inspire us all every day. 


If Blake is the engine that drives everyone, Beau is the wheel that keeps everyone moving in the right direction. After graduating from Emory University and playing for one of the best Division III teams in the country all 4 years, Beau struggled to find what his true meaning in life would be. Once DaGuys was started, that sense of meaning has returned, and he is determined to help lead DaGuys to the top of the world.  


Every group needs a wildcard. One that may be unpredictable to some, but will do whatever it takes to help his friends. Graduating from the University of Missouri in 2019, Tom continues to bring his 'wildcard' energy to DaGuys. From hosting gaming tournaments to jumping in lakes at the golf course, Tom brings a unique energy to the squad that cannot be replaced. 


Standing at a still debatable 6 feet tall, Parker is the utility guy that will step in to any situation and immediately add value. From his creative mindset, to producing music, to trash talking on the basketball court including leading his team to the championship of the Megabowl, Parker is always a positive asset to DaGuys. 


Lead Graphic Designer and Certified Bucket, Jbird is a loyal friend and great asset to DaGuys. Also playing Division III Basketball and graduating from Fontbonne University, Jbird is continuing his passion for graphic design while creating some of the best thumbnails on Youtube. 


The life of the party, you will always have a good time with Dbass around. After playing football at Missouri Western, Dbass passed up on NFL opportunities for the greatest opportunity in the world: becoming part of DaGuys and making the best content on Youtube. He is able to balance multiple jobs while still contributing to the channel, and will continue to help us grow each day. 



Skin beat miraculously beat Blake in 1-on-1 at the Jewish Community Center in 8th grade, and ever since then they've been best friends.

Since the culmination of DaGuys, drew has been there to supported us from day one.

If you need someone to get the people going.. you call skin. 

IMG_0978 2.JPG


DaGuys first sponsored athlete! Terrence plays basketball at Saint Louis University. He is not only an incredible talent on the court, but also an amazing friend.


Jac and Blake's Moms have been best friends forever, which in turn made them best friends since birth as well. Jac is an avid sport's watcher, language creator, and overall SAB.. Given the opportunity, Jac would probably bucket anyone on the floor, he just doesn't feel like exposing them that badly. 


Dalton is a 6'5 QB1 Stallion that was most of our idol's in high school. Over time we finally got over the fear of talking to him and now have become great friends. He's always there when we need him and is an incredible addition to the team.. He'll be helping with event coordination as well as VIP Relations because you know..

he's 6'5 and a quarterback. 



Andrew is a great friend, a fellow CBC Cadet and always has supported us from the jump.

Whenever we need him he's there to help. He now has jumped in to help fill the role of Sponsorships and Public Relations..

So if we get cancelled: its' on him.


Ice Cream Joe reached out to us to help edit one day, and the rest is history. He is now fully on the team and is a very integral part on making it run..

Whenever we need him to help edit, he's there no questions asked. We cannot thank this man enough to be honest. 

He's also just a overall beast and we love having him around.




Similar to Ice Cream Joe, we met Adam one day pranking him while getting COVID tested at the local pharmacy, and haven't looked back since. Adam is always there to help in ANY situation. The kid can do it all: problem solve, film, pilot the sprinter.. he's always doing whatever it takes to help. When you think of building a team, Adam is a key component and his hard work does not go unnoticed.

If you see him make sure to shout "SKEEYEE!" 

Screenshot 2023-12-05 at 2.06.48 PM.png


Rollie, freaking, FINGAS!

Capizzi's origin story is one of the wildest of the group. Lad decided to run the second camera last year at the megabowl and fell in love with the process - the rest is history. He's one of the most hard working on the team and gets just as fired up behind the camera as we do in front of it. If you see him you have to yell his name, but strictly in an Italian accent.

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