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Warzone Tournament Details

Game mode: Warzone Trios

Entry Fee: $10/player


Date: Sunday at 7pm CST


Gameplay time: 2.5 hours

Objective: Get the 3 highest total point games over 2.5 hours


Scoring: Every kill earns you 1 point. The chart explains placement point structure for a potential 25 placement points.

# of Kills + Placement Points = Total Points


  • Entry fee must be paid before tournament begins.

  • Scores will be checked against this Warzone stat tracker:

    • Take a screenshot or picture on this stat tracker of the 3 games you intend to submit for scoring.

  • ​Screenshots must be submitted for it to count.

  • Any games started later than 930pm CST do not count.

  • Sports enhancement drinks are permitted.

  • PEDs eligible in the following states: Massachusets, Maine, Vermont, Michigan, Illinois, Colorado, Alaska, California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, unless medically permitted.

  • Laser beams are not only recommended, they are strongly encouraged. 

Welcome to the Gulag.


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