Megabowl X Rules & Guidelines


Unprecedented times are calling for unprecedented measures this year. We are going to do things completely differently than before and take some drastic measures in order to ensure Megabowl X happens.

In an effort to reduce how many people are in attendance at once, we are going to separate games over 4 days and 2 weeks (Friday 9/11, Saturday 9/12, Friday 9/18, Saturday 9/19)

It will be structured more like a typical Men's League with an actual schedule. We will expect players to only show up for their respective games and practice social distancing from other teams/attendees when possible.

Because lunch/dinner would be a very high-touch time and greatly increase risk, NO FOOD WILL BE SERVED AT ANY TIME. Think of it like any other sports league you would play in (but obviously way better) and plan accordingly.

We will be screening everyone upon entry and will require everyone to sign a release form acknowledging any "risk" you are taking by attending. DO NOT COME IF YOU ARE SICK. Not even if you're thinking about getting sick. We will also ask everyone to bring a mask and where when spectating/ whenever possible. We will make a strong effort to keep everyone safe and healthy.

This is going to take a ton of coordination and effort on everyone's end. We understand a lot of people come from out-of-town to play and watch. If that is the case for you, please reach out to Beau or Blake so we can adjust the schedule accordingly. We will make a strong effort to ensure those teams and players will get the most amount of games in possible, and everything runs smoothly, but we need your help to do it.

TO ANYONE PLANNING ON MAKING A TEAM OR PLAYING: Please contact Beau as soon as possible with both the team members and availability to play within each of those dates/times. The sooner you let us know, the more flexible we can be to assure everyone gets to play the most amount possible. I will try and get a Group chat together with team captains in an effort to keep everyone updated on games/times, but this is new to everyone and will be challenging.

You need to let Beau or Blake know and get permission from one of us to do so. If there is still a law on group gatherings in place, we may need to limit the amount of non-players/workers in attendance.

Any attendees not subscribed to DaGuys will be sent to the Megabowl Gulag, and will have to duel another non-sub for the chance for re-entry. Only after winning their Gulag and proceeding to subscribe will they be allowed back in.

If you want to safe yourself that risk, you can subscribe here

Let's Get Sweaty,

The Founders